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RevaDur-16 1mm 2ltr op 20 500m

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RevaDur-16 1mm 2ltr op 20 500m

Item no. 220902621
roll = 500 meter
roll = 1 piece(s)
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The RevaDur-Plus is a perennial, non-pressurized, inline irrigation tube with Netafim's unique TurbuNext labyrinth. The RevaDur-Plus has a large inlet filter and large passages in the labyrinth which makes the dropper very reliable in delivery and has a long lifespan. The RevaDur-Plus is a completely smooth tube. Inserting and removing the tube is easy.

Applications of the RevaDur-Plus are especially for shorter bed lengths in floriculture (indoors and outdoors), vegetable cultivation and fruit cultivation when a perennial, sturdy hose is required.

Technical specifications

Delivery at 1 bar1,0 / 2,0 l/hour
Hose diameter16 mm
Wall thickness1,0 mm
Distance drippers20,25,30,50 cm
Working pressure0,5-3,5 bar (increasing delivery)
Max. pressure3,5 bar
Filtration130 micron (tap set)
100 micron (main filtration)
Roll length500 m
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