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Supertif 3,1ltr/h + 60cm-white + Snapeg-black

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Supertif 3,1ltr/h + 60cm-white + Snapeg-black

Item no. 017012000
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Supertif NoDrain Medium opening pressure with 90° side-outlet

Working pressure:1,3 - 3,5 bar
Opening pressure:0,7 bar
Closing pressure:0,2 bar
Filter:130 mμ

Supertif 3,1ltr/h + 60cm-white +Snapeg stake 45° completely assembled

The Supertif dripper is a high-quality, pressure-compensating dripper. Supertif is available in many desired dispensations and specifications to fulfill all high cultivation wishes.

Supertif has a large size, allowing a very accurate pressure control through a larger pressure regulating membrane. In addition the Supertif has a large labyrinth, making the Supertif resistant to contamination, due to the large size of the dripper. The Supertif is the most commonly used inline dripper, because of the reliability, the possibilities and the long life. The Supertif is available with multiple functions and extensions. These are explained below.

Supertif NoDrain Medium opening pressure extension have an increased opening pressure in addition to the locked closing pressure of the ND function. The MOP function provides an opening pressure of 0.70 bar and a working pressure of 1.3 - 3.5 bar.

Supertif drippers in the SOL types are equipped with a 90° side outlet on the dripper with a 3 x 5 connection for microtube.

Supertif is available with many options, dispenses of 1.1, 1.6, 2.2, 3.1, 3.6 and further up to 25 l / h. If the right product cannot be found, inquire about the possibilities regarding the PE hose, microtubes, stakes and other options.

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