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PE Hoses

PE hoses, or tylene hoses, are used in horticulture for irrigation systems such as sprinkling en drip sytems. The advantage of PE hoses is that they resistent against the component of fertilizers and chemicals. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range PE hoses for professional horticulture.

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PE hoses in horticulture

The transport of water often takes place via PE hoses. PE hoses consist of polyethylene with the advantage of great flexibility. In addition, PE hoses can be used both above ground and underground. PE hoses are fully recyclable and therefore suitable for the environment. PE hoses are often used in horticulture for, among other things, drip irrigation systems.

LDPE hoses

Besides the regular hoses, our assortment also offers LDPE hoses. LDPE stands for Low density polythene, which means this tube is more smooth than other PE hoses. LDPE hoses are used, among other things, as the main pipe in a drip irrigation system, sprinkler irrigation system or irrigation system. However, the LDPE hoses cannot be used as drinking water pipes.

Buying a PE hose

Do you want to buy PE hoses, but are you not sure which hose is suitable for your situation? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists from the Technical Projects department. They are happy to give you some advice about the right PE hose.

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