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Pe hose 20 white ( 100meter per roll)

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Pe hose 20 white ( 100meter per roll)

Item no. 017028339
meter = 0,01 piece(s)
roll = 100 meter
roll = 1 piece(s)
piece(s) = 1 roll
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Polyethylene is a durable material, it is tough, can be laid in bends and is resistant to many chemicals (except for e.g. soap and oil). PE is very well weldable to 100% tensile and watertight connections. It can be used underground and above ground and is frost-resistant. The larger diameters are installed underground because of the stretching and shrinking of PE under the influence of temperature fluctuations. Polyethylene is easily recyclable so better for the environment. PE generally has a thicker wall than for example PVC. This gives extra security and in combination with the toughness of PE also extra safety.

Dimensions (bu)3-250mm
Pressure class1-16 bar
Advice work temp.0-20 degrees
Max. temp.60 degrees (with decreasing max. pressure)
Specific gravity930-955 kg/m3 (PE-black)
LDPE expansion coefficient2,3 cm/100m, degrees
HDPE dilatation coefficient1,8 cm/100m, degrees
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