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Tornado ray jet sprayer 25 l / h 360 gr

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Tornado ray jet sprayer 25 l / h 360 gr

Item no. 792029390
box = 400 piece(s)
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No moving parts to break, jam, or wear out. Introducing the Tornado Ray Jet stream sprayer, for more dependability in your orchard irrigation system.

From young trees to established orchards, there's a Tornado Ray Jet that's right for you. The Tornado Ray Jet stream sprayer uses a vortex nozzle which creates a turbulent water flow throughout the large water passage way. And with the turbulent flow and large water passage way, clogging hazards are minimized - even at low flow rates.


  • Flow rates at 1.5 bar: 25 l/h
  • Recommended operating pressure: 1.5 - 3.0 bar
  • Wetting patterns: 180º (8 jet steams), 300º (10 jets) and 360º (8 or 12 jets)
  • Colour: Black


  • Tornado Ray Jet sprayer with 5 mm threaded inlet stem
  • Tornado Ray Jet with conic inlet stem
  • Take-apart vortex nozzle
  • Fits spiked stakes


 Nozzle color and size(mm) Flow rate(l/u) Wetting diameter(m) Outside diameter(mm)2.0m Spacing between Sprayers2.5m Spacing between Sprayers 3.0m Spacing between Sprayers3.5m Spacing between Sprayers4.0m Spacing between Sprayers4.5m Spacing between Sprayers5.0m Spacing between Sprayers5.5m Spacing between Sprayers6.0m Spacing between Sprayers6.5m Spacing between Sprayers 
 Black252.41626242221 20 19 18 181716
 25 2.4 17.8 32 2927 26 24 23 22 222120 
 25 2.4 20 40 37 34 33 31 30 28 272626 
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