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Uniram 20-S 2,3ltr op 25 300m

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Uniram 20-S 2,3ltr op 25 300m

Item no. 017402050
roll = 300 meter
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The Uniram is the new self-closing, Netafim pressure compensating drip hose. After the drip, the drippers close, leaving the hose full, allowing very short drips (30 seconds). The Uniram is therefore very suitable for the DAC system, for use in substrate slabs and wherever the water supply has to be controlled in the ground.

  • Close able, so very short drips are possible.
  • Pressure compensating, allowing for equal delivery over very long lenghts
  • Thick-walled hose and thus suitable for multi-annual use
  • Smooth hose so no damage and easy insertion and extraction in the crop.

Technical data

Release drippers 1,6;2,3 l/hour
Distance drippers 13-125 cm (25/30 are standard)
Hose diameter 16; 20 mm
Advice working pressure 1-3,5 bar (Min.: 0,5; Max.:4,0 bar)
Roll length 16 mm:500m; 20 mm:300 of 450 m
Cleaning Acid, chlorine and peroxide
Wall thickness 1,0 mm
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