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Mounting wire 1,5 mm white

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Mounting wire 1,5 mm white

Item no. 080201553
roll = 100 meter
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The single-layer PVC insulated, European hook-up wire „H07V-K“ is a flexible single-core without nylon jacket, for static, appliance internal laying, e. g. for control cabinet internal wiring, for static installation in electrical installation conduits/tubes/ducts laid on or under plaster, in closed installation channels or in similar, closed systems. However, these cables must not be installed directly on housings, racks, files, shelves, cupboards, assembly groups, trenches, troughs, conduits, tubes, pipes or ducts in a touchable way. According to harmonisation document HD 516, H07V-K is suitable for protected, static installation in or on lighting equipment or control units for voltages up to 1000 V AC or 750 V DC against ground. Contact with water or chemically claiming substances, such as oil, must be strictly avoided. In general, H07V-K can be used for the laying in electrical installation conduits/tubes/ducts, openable electrical installation channels, closed electrical installation channels as well as for the wiring inside of devices, tools, appliances, machines and equipment. Anyway, the normal temperature range must be complied with – the maximum, permitted conductor temperature amounts to +80°C. In case of operation in conjunction with other H07V-K, other cables or sets inside electrical installation conduits/tubes/ducts/pipes/channels, a single H07V-K’s conductor temperature also depends on the heat loss of further, possibly installed H07V-K, other cable types and miscellaneous sets which parallel inside there, which each single H07V-K can get in physical contact with and which heat up the internal atmosphere by means of running, electrical current (please, see HD 516, HD 384.5.523 and IEC 60364-5-523 for current ratings and correction factors). Such kind of clustering of cables implies the attention to the requirement that the upper conductor and surface temperature of the weakest cable, as regards the upper continuous conductor temperature limit, as part of the cluster, which can be H07V-K by all means, shall not be exceeded.
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