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Cable Agripower 4 x 120 mm²

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Cable Agripower 4 x 120 mm²

Item no. 080140303
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Power cable for low foltage systems up to1kV.

Intended for installation directly into the ground, such as power for main and distribution systems or plumbing for motors.

Can withstand under unfavorable condiitions such as in an elevated ambient temperature, and installed with cable bundles.

Available up to 4 x 300 m2. available up to 1000 m2. We support you with the cable, ask us for specific terminals, pressing tools, and instruction from you and your team.

Conductor: Agripower A PLUS: Aluminum;
10mm² en 16mm² RS (Beaten around)Since 25mm² SVS (Sector shapet beaten together)
Core insulation: XLPE Bed:
PP nonwoven cable tape
Nature screen: Round copper wire concetrically over the inner sheath wrapped with a counter helix of copper tape sheath.
UV resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ST2

Electrical data
Nominal voltage: 0,6/1kV  Test voltage 3,5 kV / 5 minutes 

Other information
Minimal installation temperature: - 5°C  Maximum conducter speed: + 90°C  Operating temperature:
minimal - 40°C en maximal + 70°C
Jacket colour:
Meets : IEC 60502-1 

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