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YMvK 3 x 4 mm reel

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YMvK 3 x 4 mm reel

Item no. 080151817
reel = 500 meter
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ClassInstallation cableConcentric conductorNone
Series / programYMvKNominal cross-section concentric conductor0 mm2
Conductor materialCu, WhitearmingNo
Nominal conductor cross-section4 mm2Material external mantlePVC
Condcutor constructionClass 1 = Solid

Mantle color

Conductor shapeRoundHalogen free according EN 50267-2-2No
Numbers of conductor3Isolation preserveNo
Conductor isolationXLPE (VPE)Function preserveNo
Conductor codeColorExternal diameter approx

12.0 mm

Yellow / green core


Max. permissible conductor temperature90 °C
ScreenNoMin / Max installation temperature0 - 60 °C
LitzeNoMin / Max Operating temperature-20 - 90 °C
Aantal hulpaders0Nominal voltage U00.6 kV
Nom. doorsnede hulpader0 mm2Nominal voltage U1 kV
Lead mantleNo
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