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PAR-sensor LI-190-R-BL-5 with amplifier (0,4)

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PAR-sensor LI-190-R-BL-5 with amplifier (0,4)

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Par - Sensor LI190 - R-BI 5 incl. amplifier (0,4) indoor

PAR-sensor LI-190-R-BL-5 for the measurement of energy in the light spectrum between 400 and 700 nm. Photosynthesis of plants is largely driven by radiation in the light spectrum. This sensor consists of:

  • PAR sensor LI-190-R-BL-5 In weatherproof anodized aluminium housing with acrylic diffuser
  • PAR-interface UTA in aluminium housing with cable glands, amplifier circuit via DIP switches set to 0,4V/μA and an analog output


  • Range PAR sensor, wavelength: 400-700 nm
  • PAR sensor sensitivity : 5μA per 1.000 mol/(s.m²)
  • Supply voltage PAR-interface UTA: 24VDC-1mA (Use an galvanized isolated power supply )
  • Analog output of PAR interface UTA: 0-5 VDC, linear, not galvanically separated
  • Temperature, PAR-sensor and interface UTA: -30 tot +65°C

This sensor comes with:

  • Shielded coaxial cable, length 5 m
  • Calibration certificate with serial number, calibration multiplier and calibration constant uA per 1.000 mol / (s.m²), Traceable to the national institute of standards and Technology (NIST)

To reduce the influence of light spots and/or shading of the greenhouse structure on the PAR-Sensor, it is advisable to install the sensor in the greenhouse with the mounting plate on a motorized arm structure that allows continuous movement in the horizontal plane. Check and clean the PAR sensor every three months. To ensure accurate measurements it is recommended to the PAR sensor the let the Priva dealer check and calibrate it every two years.
The PAR sensor LI-190-R converter can be installed in an environment department or at the meteorological mast. UTA amplifier must be supplied with 24 VDC 24 mA, the amplifier provides an electrically isolated analog output 0-5VDC. manuals in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Dutch can be downloaded from the Priva support portal. 

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