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Led luminaire 36 watt with cap

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Led luminaire 36 watt with cap

Item no. 081911170
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This Tri-Proof LED watertight fixture is suitable for use in harsh conditions and moist environments such as in greenhouses, barns, growing and/or storage areas, workshops and warehouses etc..... A real industrial type!
As standard, this LED luminaire is available in 3 sizes, in 65 cm in 20 watts, 122 cm in 36 watts and 156 cm in 54 and 65 watts. Moreover, the 36 watt version is also available in 3 colours, namely, 4000, 5000 and 6500 K. The 54 and 65 watt are available in the colour 5000 K, which is the most commonly used color and best color when it comes to work light and / or colors the best to distinguish.

Both housing and diffuser are made of polycarbonate, impact resistant (IK10), 850 °C" Opal color finish with > 82% light transmission "PG13.5 waterproof cable glands" stainless steel mounting brackets and clips "This ensures water and dust tight quality "Terminal block for continuous installation.

Lumen4.320 Lm
CCT6.500 K
Beam Angle120 °
Dimensions1220 - 90 - 68 mm
Weight1.8 kg
Voltage220-240 VAC
FeatureIP65 / IK10
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