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GMC-3 motorswitch 3v 0,4-6,0a 3 phase 400V

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GMC-3 motorswitch 3v 0,4-6,0a 3 phase 400V

Item no. 085302710
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We introduce you our new line of engine drives, the GMC-1, the GMC-2 and the GMC-3. The GMC stand out because the thermal protection has become superfluous, in other words, you only need one embodiment fot the entire power range! Furthermore, these products are characterized by a universal operation and design.

The GMC is a engine control to control 1-phase or 3-phase engine for the opening and closing for example windows, screens and drive of hoist motors. The GMC can be operated manually and automatically.

De GMC is available as one execution for 1, 2 or 3 engines up to a engine current of max 6.0 A per engine.  The engine current is measured in 2 phases and is adjustable through a gauge and can be read from the MCSDF service display. The GMC is standard equipped with a locable switch and manual operation by means of pushbottons and power steering per engine. The computer control is 24 vac / dc with the GMC available in 1-phase 230 V and 3-phase 230V or 400V. Other supply voltages are available on request. 

Benefits of the GMC engine drives:

  • Available for 1-phase and 3-phase motors
  • Power monitoring by motor in 1 or 2 phases
  • Adjustable motor current of 0,4 A up to 6,0A
  • One version for the entire power range
  • Reversal delay
  • Operation with pushbuttons
  • Status LED indication per engine control
  • 24 Vdc exit
  • Possibility of connecting MXSD service display

Technical data:

Connection voltage:1 x 230 Vac 50/60 HzContact load alarm relay0,5 A / 24 V
3 x 230 Vac 50/60 HzExit 24 Vdc:Maximal 180 mA
3 x 400 Vac 50/60 HzHousing:IP54
Power consumption (GMC-1,2,3):10 VA, 17 VA, 17 VAAmbient temperature:           0.- 50 °C
Engine current (adjustable):0,4 A up to max. 6,0A per engineDimensions (H x W x D):220 x 170 x 110 mm (GMC-1)
Computer control:24 Vac/dc            220 x 270 x 110 mm (GMC-2 en GMC-3)

Things you can read out of the multi connect service display 

  • Adjusted motor current
  • Current motor current
  • Company hours
  • Number of circuits
  • Status limit switches
  • Unbalanced
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