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OMRON Timer H3CR-A.1 12/48UC

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OMRON Timer H3CR-A.1 12/48UC

Item no. 941204928
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classTime relayNom. coil voltage Us in case of AC 60 Hz24 to 48 V
SeriesH3CRNom. Coil voltage Us in case of DC12 to 48 V
TypeA (multi-function)Type of control voltageAC/DC
Mounting methodPin-type baseTime range0.05 to 108,000 s
Design electrical connectionPin-type base 11-poleFunction operating delayingYes
Nom. coil voltage Us in case of AC 50Hz24 to 48 VFunction release delayingYes
Function switch alternatingYesFunction switch off Yes
Function star triangleYesFunction pulse formingNo
Flash function pause, fixed durationNoFlash function impulse, fixed durationNo
Clock function Pause starting variableNoClock function pulse starting variableNo
Pause/pulse duration settingsYesImpulse operating delayNo
Pause/pulse, with pulse startingYesResettableNo
Pause/pulse, with Pause startingNoWith insert baseNo
Impulse waste delay.NoRemote control possibleNo
Excl. for operationNoWidth48 mm
Pluggable on auxiliary contact blockNoHeigh+856:940t48 mm
Number of outputs, without delay break.0Depth66.6 mm
Number of outputs, with without delay make.0Number of auxiliary contacts as make contact unit0
Number outputs, without delay change0Number of auxiliary contacts as break contact unit0
Number of outputs, delayed break.0Number of auxiliary contacts as changeover contact2
Number of outputs, delayed make.0Nom. current (AC-11 / 230 V)5 A
Number of outputs, delayed change.2With semi-conductor outputNo
outputs, switchable delayed/not delayed.No
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