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Fans are often used in horticulture to create an air movement in the greenhouse. There are different types of fans that are used in horticulture, you can think of a fog fan or eco fan.
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960001441 Bracket PL40 120-50mm
960001459 Bracket PL40 vent 120 - 60mm
960001465 Bracket ZN045 vent 320 - 50mm
960001475 Bracket ZN045 vent 320 - 60mm
960001212 Condensator 2+3mf lh40 58.5x25mm
960001220 Condensator 3uf 470VAC 50-60H 58.5x25mm
960001239 Condensator 5mf lh45
085923502 Digitalfan V7 4550 50/60 Hz
085923565 ECO fan 5400 plus 230V 50/60 Hz
085923501 Ecofan + 4550 220-240 v 50Hz
960002049 Fan PLVE 45 incl. air control
960000160 Fan ZN045 230v 50 Hz 1,7 amp 1.250 rpm
960000150 Fan ZN045 230v 50 Hz 1,7 amp 1.250 rpm
960000175 Fan ZN045 3~230/400V/465V 50Hz/60Hz
960002961 Fan control TEB 14A bold
960002936 Fan control TEB 7,5A bold
960002062 Fan plv 45 for pipe foil
960002855 Fan regulator 14A 5 positions 14 amp 230 volt
960001409 Fan suspension set univers
085924007 Hose clamp for air hose 435-465mm
085970089 Mod.kit Dig.Fan4800 V1 to V5-V6
085900099 Modification kit ECO fan 6000
085924000 Priva air tubes diameter 46cm, color white
085996270 Protection grill inlet side ECO fan V5
085996210 Protection grill inlet side ECO fan V5
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Various type of fans

Greenhouse fans are very important to create air movement inside the greenhouse. Fans are used to adjust the climate in the greenhouse, which optimises the productivity of the crop. In addition, the risk of diseases such as botrytis is also reduced and a better distribution of CO2 is achieved. However, the choice of a greenhouse fan is very important in order to create the right air movement in the greenhouse. Royal Brinkman offers horizontal and vertical fans for professional horticulture. In addition, we also have fans with air conductors in our range. This allows you to keep the air capacity and air displacement speed over a longer distance.

Consequences of lack of air movement

The lack of air movement causes temperature differences in the greenhouse. This causes, for example, poor moisture drainage and reduced evaporation. This has a negative influence on the crop. More and more growers are looking for techniques to create air movement. With the right greenhouse fans you can stimulate evaporation and limit the moisture problem. Our specialists wrote an article in which they explain techniques to create air movement.

More information

Do you have any questions about creating air movement, or would you like advice when buying greenhouse fans? Please feel free to contact one of our product specialists

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