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Siemens Acvatix actuator SAX61.03 N4501

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Siemens Acvatix actuator SAX61.03 N4501

Item no. W00003403
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The Siemens Acvatix actuator SAX.. N4501SAX61.03 is shown as number 4 in the 2nd image.

Siemens Acvatix actuator SAX.. N4501

Electromotoric actuator for the operation of Siemens 2-port and 3-port valves, types VVF.., VVG.., VXF.. and VXG.. with 20 mm stroke as control and safety shut-off valves in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Optional functions with auxiliary switches, potentiometer, functional module and stem heater.

With manual control.
SA..81.., SA..61.. are UL listed.

Positioning force 800N
Stroke 20mm
No Spring return function
Degree of protection IP54
Medium temperature -25""...130 °C
Ambient temperature, operation -5""...55 °C
Mounting position Upright to horizontal

Operating voltageAC 230 VAC 230 VAC 230 VAC 24 VAC 24 VAC 24 V, DC 24 V
Positioning signal3-position3-position3-position3-position3-positionDC 0""...10 V, DC 4""...20 mA, 0""...1000 Ohm
Power consumption3,5 VA3,5 VA8 VA3.5 VA8 VA8 VA
Positioning time120s120s30s120s30s30s
Position feedbackDC 0...10 V (SA..6..)DC 0...10 V (SA..6..)DC 0...10 V (SA..6..)DC 0...10 V (SA..6..)DC 0...10 V (SA..6..)DC 0...10 V

ASZ7.5 Potentiometer 0...1000 Ohm for SA..31../SA..81..
ASK39.1 Weathershield for SAX../SAL..
ASC10.51 auxiliary switch for SA..31../SA..61../SA..81..
ASZ6.6 Stem heating element for media < 0 °C
AZX61.1Funtion module for SA..61.., sequence control/changeover of acting direction

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