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Closed gas heater IFH80

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Closed gas heater IFH80

Item no. W90001736
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Gas heaters, indirect fired with heat exchanger, type IFH80

The IFH80 heater disposes of  a closed combusting system. This means fresh air from outside will be consumed for combustion and exhaust fumes will be eliminated.
The IFH80 is an interesting option  for cold areas worldwide. Heaters with open combustion and active for a long time could cause an exceedance of the CO2 production in the greenhouse. The result is ventilation. But ventilation also means  loss of heat and increase of costs. The IFH80 could be the solution for this. CO2 production for this type of greenhouses  is often controlled separately.
Your benefits:

  • Substantial energy savings due to  minimized need of ventilation and an energy conversion efficiency of  92%.
  • Appropriate  for large buildings where only heating is requested
  • Operation possibilities of this heater by means of a climate control system.
  • Throw length more than 40 meters
  • Less noise due to an optimized  heater design
  • The direct ignition and burner operation are controlled  by means of ionization probe. When the flame extinguish or the heater  does not ignite, the gas supply is interrupted directly by the burner controller. Safety first!
Type: IFH           
Rated loadkW80
Airmovement   m³/u8460
Electric consumptionAmp.3,6
Gasconsumption propanekg/u6,24
Gasconsumption naturalm³/u8,47
Engine powerWatt870
Revolution speed engineT p/m1275
Dimensions (lxwxh)mm2360x
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