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Hoses, couplings and hose clamps

Hoses, couplings and hose clamps are used in horticulture for many different purposes. Depending on the substance the amount of pressure and strength, you choose the right hose, hose coupling or hose clamp. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of hoses, couplings and hose clamps for use in professional greenhouse horticulture.

Types of hoses

Our range of hoses offers you the right hose for every application. Whether it's drip hoses, watering hoses, heating hoses or high pressure hoses, Royal Brinkman supplies it all. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on buying hoses in the right size. 

Hose couplings and hose clamps

With the help of hose couplings and hose clamps, hose parts are connected to each other. A hose coupling is a component that allows the hose to be disconnected, but is waterproof. Royal Brinkman offers various hose couplings and hose clamps for professional greenhouse horticulture. A well-known hose coupling are the Geka hose couplings. Geka hose couplings are also called claw couplings. 

Accessories for the use of hoses and couplings

In addition to industrial hoses, hose couplings, Royal Brinkman also offers accessories for fitting hoses, couplings. These include hose clamps, hose pillars and connection pipes.

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