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Irrigation components

Water technology, also called the irrigation system of the greenhouse, has a major impact on crop performance in the professional horticulture sector. Royal Brinkman offers various products/projects when it comes to water technology. Examples are water storage, watering systems (e.g. drip irrigation or sprinkling) and water treatment.

Water systems in horticulture

The right water technology is of great importance for your cultivation. Every crop has different needs, which is why Royal Brinkman designs and installs water systems for professional horticulture. Whether it's irrigation systems, water storage or water treatment; our specialists are happy to advise you the correct installation. We are happy to advise you on the right technical installations with the aim of closing off water systems.

Irrigation systems

When installing a new irrigation system, you can choose between sprinkling, drip irrigation or eb band flow systems. When choosing sprinkling, it is important to take into account with irrigation shadow, droplet size and the path of the droplets. Our specialists are happy to help you with choosing the right sprinkling system. If you choose drip irrigation, you should take into account three types of drip systems: capillair, labyrinth or inline system. Please feel free to contact our specialists, on working days you get a reaction within 24 hours.

Water storage

Usable irrigation water is of great importance for the horticultural sector. Rainwater is in particular an important source for useable irrigation water. A water tank, also called water silo, is the solution for collecting and storing large quantities of water. Our specialists have written an article that can help you build and maintain a water tank. Planning to buy a new water tank? Our specialists will be happy to advise you. 

Water treatment and purification

Using filtering and decontamination techniques, we make water flows in greenhouse horticulture emission-free. Royal Brinkman is the main dealer of Priva water installations, including reverse osmosis installations and disinfection installations (Priva Vialux). In addition, Royal Brinkman worked with Moor Filtertechniek on the Poseidon water treatment plant. For more information about making your water flows emission-free, contact one of our specialists.

What is the best greenhouse irrigation system?

Let's go through the important points quickly. Drip irrigation, in general, are preferable since they provide water from below. They are superior in terms of water management and watering precision. The drip system can be used for a variety of purposes. Consider the drip system if you're seeking for a solution that can be scaled to any size. Water is wasted when plants are watered from above, and it can (but does not have to) cause plant diseases or pests.

The trick is to choose the correct irrigation system for your greenhouse, and there is always a system that will meet your needs. You must be realistic about the size of your greenhouse, the plants you can cultivate, and how much an irrigation system will cost you.

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