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Assimilative Lighting

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Agrolux ALF 1000 watt 400 v.
Agrolux ALF 1000 watt 400 v. optimal
Agrolux ALF 600 watt 400 v.
Agrolux ALF 750 watt 400 v.
Agrolux optimal 600 watt 400 v.
Capacitor 20uf 400 Volts
Capacitor 40 micro F
Capacitor 60uF PL90/94 N600w
Filter coil 20UF 400v 600watt
Filter coil 600WattPL94/HS2000
Gradient set GEN2> GEN3 input for Philips 1000W print
Gradient set GEN2> GEN3 input for Philips 1000W print
Lamp Philips greenpower 1000 watt
Philips GreenVision GP-SON Driver 1000 watt 400 volt 50/60Hz
Philips GreenVision GP-SON Driver 600 watt 400 volt 50/60Hz
Philips Greenpower LED flowering DR/W 10 watt
Philips Greenpower LED flowering DR/W/FR 9,3 watt
Philips Son-T Green Power 400W/230V release, single
Philips Son-T Green Power 600W/230V crate 60 pcs
Philips Son-T Green Power 600W/230V release, single
Philips Son-T Green Power 600W/400V EL crate 54pcs
Philips Son-T Green Power 600W/400V crate 54 pcs
Philips Son-T Green Power 600W/400V release, single
Porcelain fitting for 400w
Son-T 750w/400V
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Assimilation lighting greenhouse horticulture

Assimilation lighting or assimilation lighting is the artificial light that has been used in professional greenhouse horticulture for many years. Assimilation lighting is a welcome addition to natural (solar) light. The use of assimilation lighting stimulates plant growth and flowering, due to the fact that plants can assimilate for a longer period of time. Light ensures that photosynthesis of the plant takes place. Moreover, in practice growers do not always have enough grow light at their disposal, so assimilation lamps offer a solution. Especially during the winter months, assimilation lamps are often used in the illuminated cultivation of fruit vegetable crops to maintain the amount of supplemental light. In this way, growers can grow all year round with the help of assimilation lighting. In the winter months they can still offer production, taking advantage of the low supply compared to the high season in summer. Assimilation lights are used successfully in tomato cultivation in particular. To date, experiments have also been conducted in the cultivation of peppers, cucumbers and eggplants. At Royal Brinkman you can buy a wide range of assimilation lamps from our partner Agrolux. The choice for an assimilation lamp depends on your cultivation situation. You need to take into account the desired light spectrum and the type of cultivation. Assimilation lamps can be divided into two groups: HID/SON-T lamps and LED grow lights. Read the article of our specialist how to choose the right assimilation lamps.

Application of assimilation lighting

Assimilation lighting is applied to crops such as: peppers, roses, chrysanthemums, cucumbers, tomatoes, orchids (phalaenopsis) and gerberas. Of course light is an important part of growing plants. Insufficient light reduces the overall weight of a plant and causes stress symptoms. A consequence of this is a reduced yield and smaller leaves. However, it is important to take into account the rules of the Dutch Environmental Management Act. For example, you should have a light screen installation - consisting of one or more screen cloths - when you light up in the evening. Read more about these rules regarding the application of assimilation lighting. If you do not do this, you risk a fine for emitting too much light. 

Testing and inspection of assimilation lamps

Defective assimilation lamps are one of the biggest causes of fire in greenhouse horticulture. Due to safety and the increasing importance of insurance inspection reports, assimilation lighting should be inspected every three to five years. In addition to the inspection, an annual inspection of assimilation lamps is of great importance. This reduces the risk of fire and maintains the light output.

Buy assimilation lamps

When you want to buy new assimilation lamps you need to take several factors into account. At Royal Brinkman you can find a wide range of assimilation lighting. Our specialists will be happy to advise you about the possibilities of assimilation lamps in greenhouse horticulture. This way you are always assured of the right supplemental lighting. 
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