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Energy Saving Lamps

34 product(s) found
 Item no.TitleDescription  
410305081 Energy saving SLIM PH 8W E14
410307360 Osram DULUX L 24W/830 2G11 FS1
410307355 Osram DULUX S/E 9W/830 2G7 FS1 4 pins
410306683 Osram Dulux D 10W/830 G24D-1
410306702 Osram Dulux D 10W/840 G24D-1
410306747 Osram Dulux D 13W/830 G24D-1
410306781 Osram Dulux D 13W/840 G24D-1
410306720 Osram Dulux D 18 W/827 G24D-2 pins
410306828 Osram Dulux D 18W/830 G24D-2
410306845 Osram Dulux D 18W/840 G24D-2
410306865 Osram Dulux D 26W/830 G24D-3
410306843 Osram Dulux D 26W/840 G24D-3
410306909 Osram Dulux D/E 10W/830 G24Q-1
410306926 Osram Dulux D/E 10W/840 G24Q-1
410306960 Osram Dulux D/E 13W/830 G24Q-1
410306988 Osram Dulux D/E 13W/840 G24Q-1
410307025 Osram Dulux D/E 18W/830 G24Q-2
410307042 Osram Dulux D/E 18W/840 G24Q-2
410307087 Osram Dulux D/E 26W/830 G24Q-3
410307106 Osram Dulux D/E 26W/840 G24Q-3
410306442 Osram Dulux Pro Mini Ball 7 W/825 E14
410306568 Osram Dulux Pro Mini Bullet 6W/825 E14
410307302 Osram Dulux S 11W/830 G23 2 pins
410307320 Osram Dulux S 11W/840 G23 2 pins
410307163 Osram Dulux S 5W/840 G23 2 pins
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