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LED Lamps

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps are used in greenhouse horticulture to supplement the natural need of daylight. Illumination of the greenhouse ensures optimal growth of the crop. LED lamps are available in a wide range with red/blue and white light. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of LED lamps.
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230 VAC red LED Luminaire
24 VAC LED Luminaire Yellow
24 VDC Yellow LED Luminaire
24 VDC green LED Luminaire
24 VDC red LED Luminaire
Built-in Led I panel 30 watt 4000 k 595x595mm
Built-in Led I panel 36 watt 4000 k 1195x295x10 mm
Direction signal LED for BRW185
LED Fitting 230 VAC Green
LED green armature 24VAC
LED lamp 4.5-4W E27 Bulb
LED red armature 24VAC
Led luminaire 20 watt with cap
Led luminaire 36 watt with cap
Led luminaire 36 watt with cap
Led luminaire 54 watt with cap
Led luminaire 65 watt with cap
Led tube 1200mm 17 watt 4000 kelvin
Led tube 1500mm 24 watt 4000 kelvin 3.900 lm
Osram Parathom Classic A Advanced 75 Adv 14.5W/827 E27
Philips Greenpower LED flowering DR/W 10 watt
Philips Greenpower LED flowering DR/W/FR 9,3 watt
Streetlight 80W LED
TE LED green12V AC/DC ZBV-J3
Wall Mount Cases with sliding arm
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Led lighting glasshouse horticulture

In recent years, the need for LED lighting has increased due to the durability and efficiency of the lamps. Using LED lighting a grower can easily set the required light spectrum, allowing you to create the appropriate light for each situation. Depending on the crop the crop needs a certain type of color LED light. Using LED lighting you can adjust this red light or correct blue light. Until now SON-T assimilation lamps were used as grow light. Besides durability and efficiency, LED lighting also has energy savings compared to assimilation lamps. Depending on the development in the field of LED lamps, this way of growing will have to develop further. LED lamps are not yet used in all crops.  

Phillips GreenPower LED flowering lamp

The GreenPower LED flowering lamp is an effective and energy efficient LED lamp. With the LED lamp from Phillips you can extend the daylight in the greenhouse in an energy efficient way. The lamp is used in cut flowers, garden plants, perennials and strawberries. The lamp is known for its proven solution for better growth and lower costs. 

Different assimilation lamps

Sunlight is an important factor in horticulture, but there is not always enough sunlight available. Many growers therefore use assimilation lamps. LED lamps are more efficient for stimulating plant growth than HID or SON-T lamps. LED lamps can contribute to the growth or control of the crop. Our specialists have written an article about choosing the right assimilation lamps.

Buying LED lamps

Are you planning to buy led bulbs? Then you've come to the right place at Royal Brinkman. Together with our partner we like to look at the possibilities. This way we can steer your crop as well as possible with the aim of achieving optimal growth and production. Do you have any questions? Please contact one of our Technical specialists.
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