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Immersion Pumps

A immersion pump is used to pump drainage water or rainwater away. At Royal Brinkman you will find a wide range of different types of immersion pumps.
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 Item no.TitleDescription  
811207692 Best 1 vox a dirty water
819133175 Domo pump 15T 400V 1,1Kw
819133205 Domo pump 20T 400V 1,5Kw
811204829 Ecosub pump 420 a
060206525 Filterpipe pvc 315 2mm 5 mtr
060206500 Filterpipe pvc 315x299mm 1 mtr
081203187 Float switch as 10mtr
081203359 Floating switch Kasuga type TBL 12 IP23 ve
081203306 Floating switch double 5mtr
819133065 Lowara Tauchpumpe domo-10 T 400 volt
819130401 Lowara pump DL 125 400v
819133159 Lowara pump domo 15a 230
819133061 Lowara pump domo-10A/B 2
819130737 Lowara pump domo-7 230v withhout float switch
819130753 Lowara pump domo-7a 230v with float switch
819130745 Lowara pump domo-7t 400v
819130960 Lowara submersible pump DIWA 7A 0,75kW with float switch
819130785 Lowara submersible pump DIWA05A 0,55kW
819130780 Lowara submersible pump DIWA05SG 0,55kW withhout float switc
819130725 Lowara submersible pump DOC 3A 0,3kW
819130720 Lowara submersible pump DOC 3SG 0,3kW withhout float switch
819130732 Lowara submersible pump DOC 7 0,7kW
819130730 Lowara submersible pump DOC 7 0,7kW
819133070 Lowara submersible pump DOMO10VXA 0,75kW 230V
081203322 Plug for float switch
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Use of immersion pumps in horticulture

Immersion pumps can be used for different purposes. That is why Royal Brinkman offers various immersion pumps, including fresh water, waste water, waste water with solids (Vortex), high pressure and flat suction immersion pumps. Moreover, Royal Brinkman offers immersion pumps as immersion pumps with or without float. The float of the immersion pump ensures that water is automatically pumped away when there is water. If you want to buy an immersion pump, you have to take into account various factors. Our specialists can advice you on how to choose the right immersion pump

Also when using an immersion pump you need to take into account a number of points of attention. For example, you should always put the immersion pump on a stable surface and the temperature of the liquid should never exceed the maximum. So keep this in mind. 

Brands of immersion pumps

Royal Brinkman's product range includes Lowara and Ebare Best immersion pumps. Lowara immersion pumps are completely safe and resistant to water and industrial liquids. 

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