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Rainwater drainage

A rainwater drainage is a system that quickly drains the rainwater to, for example, a silo. Royal Brinkman offers a complete range of products for the drainage of rainwater, including PVC, water silos and various accessories.

Rainwater drainage in horticulture

In horticulture, rainwater is often used as irrigation water. However, this rainwater is not always used immediately, so the rainwater has to be stored in a water silo/basin. In order to be able to drain the rainwater, a rainwater drainage is required. Gutters are mounted on the greenhouse deck, enabling water to be drained easily. With the use of PVC, the rainwater is transported to the water storage facility. Royal Brinkman offers different types of PVC, bends, tee pieces, end pieces, fittings and water tanks.

Advice on rainwater drainage

Is there a part of the drain broken or are you curious about the possibilities of rainwater drainage? Please contact one of our product specialists. They will be happy to advise you about the possibilities. 
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