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PVC toggle inlet 315x125mm

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PVC toggle inlet 315x125mm

Item no. 060907445
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You need to drill a hole in the main sewer if you want to make a connection, regardless of the type or fabric. The toggle inlet is the ideal solution for a reliable connection on a SN4 or SN8 sewer pipe, infiltration sewer or CO2.

Simple and fast
The toggle inlet forms a functional unity. Because there are no spare parts, you can work clean and quickly.

Connection without debilitate
The drilling of a hole means a local weakening of the tube. Unless you work with a quality product as the toggle inlet. You are able to make a connection without weakening the pipe because of its big and wide saddle.

Benefits big and wide saddle

  • Excludes concentrated load 
  • Spreads the overload around the connection
  • Protects against breakout power after installation
  • Prevents rotation of the inlet during assembly

Characteristics manchet

  • Connection of 25 or 160 mm
  • Available with or without setting manchet
  • Flexibility of 3º on a manchet without setting

Execution sleeve with setting

  • Connection of 125 or 160 mm
  • For setting sensitive areas
  • Setting manchet is anchored in the joint for trouble-free installation
  • Setting construction consists of one closed whole
  • Setting of the stand pipe can be reached up to 60 mm
  • Inlet is not subject to additional load due to ground setting

Wide range of application
The two types of toggle inlets: a program for the Renofort PVC pipes and a program for the Pragma PP pipes with a structured wall. The last one have longer sleeves and rubbers to seal well and can be recognized by the red-brown sock.

With the toggle inlets, a wide variety of wall thicknesses can be sealed for various pipe types, such as PVC, PP, Gres and fiber glass reinforced  tubes.


  • Very strong SN8 connection
  • Widest range in the market
  • Robust and leak free without weakening the main sewer
  • Easy, clean and quick to mount
  • Toggle inlet is adjustable by a handy screw shackle
  • Steel key for the screw shackle is reusable so durable
  • Tolerances of the drilled hole are wide (+/- 1 mm)
  • Installation height is one of the lowest in the market
  • Ideal toggle inlet at a high groundwater level and/or insufficient ground cover on the tube.
  • With geotextile available for infiltration applications
  • KOMO-certification on the inlets for PVC

Toggle inlet montage
For places with low ground cover, the toggle inlet can be mounted with a 45º angle.

Connection diameter125/160 mmSetting manchet60 mm
Diameter main sewer200 t/m 630 mm (SN4 en SN8)Flexibility at sleeve without setting3%
Drill hole133/168 mm (+/- 1 mm)


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