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Ratchet for liner

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Ratchet for liner

Item no. 090329705
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It is important to check the following aspects of the earthwork/concrete before installing the silo ring

  • Mounting the silo spirit level
  • There are no sharpening parts or the like (completely flat)
  • The tiles are sufficiently covered with sand

Step-by-step plan for assembly:

  1. Mounting of wall felt and bottom felt (if applicable). Passing the wall felt on to the bottom, if also a bottom felt
    it is mounted first on the floor.
  2. Mount the wall felt and fasten at the top of the silo with the supplied PVC clamping strip. Secure this strip with tayraps (not supplied as standard). Make sure that the tayraps are mounted flush, in order to prevent damage to the foil.
  3. Lay the lining in the silo according to the unfolding scheme which is glued to the package. Pay close attention to the position of any prefabricated cuffs.
  4. Roll out/roll out package.
  5. Unfold the lining and place the wall over the silo. If necessary, the silo edge can be temporarily secured with mounting clamps to facilitate mounting..
  6. The silo ring is fitted as standard in the third wave of the silo.
  7. The silo ring has an over margin to compensate for any shrinkage of the sail (PVC more like Polyextra-S). The resulting folds are evenly distributed over the edge of the silo and provide sufficient space for rising welds.
  8. Overview mounted Silo lining on a silo.
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