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Tank Galvanised

A galvanised water tank, or water silo, is the ideal solution for the storage of rainwater. Royal Brinkman offers silos in various sizes for professional horticulture.
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Water tanks in horticulture

A water tank is a frequently used solution by growers for the storage of rainwater. Good quality water is becoming increasingly scarce. That is why it is very important to store rainwater by means of a water tank or basin. When building a new water tank, it is very important to take into account the way of building. Our specialists therefore wrote an article with the question "How to build a water tank". If your water tank is already several years old, it is important that you regularly check and maintain the water tank. This prevents the water tank from bursting or overflowing. Read 10 tips on how to preserve a water tank

Rodents in and around a water tank or basin

It is best to cover a water tank or pool with a tarpaulin to limit light, which limits the growth of algae. Algae benefit from this light and heat. In addition to covering the water tank or basin, there are many other measures you can take. It is important to take measures in case of algae growth, because it can affect the quality of the water. Our specialists wrote an article on how to prevent and combat algae growth. In addition to algae, rodents can also cause considerable damage, such as collapse as the worst case scenario. That is why it is important that you carry out regular inspections during a cold period

Buying a water tank

Would you like to buy a new water tank or would you like more information? Then Royal Brinkman is the right place for you. Our technical specialists will be happy to advise you on how to use the right water tank or how to construct the right water tank. Do you have any questions? If so, you can also contact our specialists or your regular contact person.
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