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Tanksheet package 21,20x5,35 1.871m3

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Tanksheet package 21,20x5,35 1.871m3

Item no. 090242175
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Tank sheet package silo

Dimension (m): Ø 21.20 x 5.35

1871 m3

Total amount of sheets:92
Plate thickness (mm):23 x 0,8 + 23 x 1 + 23 x 1.25 + 23 x 1.6
Amount of bolts per plate:2
Size bolt:M10 x 20

For a complete tank you will need the following products:

Bare tankGalvanized corrugated sheets including bolts, nuts and rings
Tank sail Tank sheet of Aquatex of PE film
Spun bandProtection of the tank sheet
Anti-algae Over the tank or floating
Bottom filtProtection for the tank bottom


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