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Lubricant Shell Tixophalte black

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Lubricant Shell Tixophalte black

Item no. 060399505
box = 12 can
piece(s) = 1 can
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A professional, durable, plasic-elastic, neutral curing sealant/adhesive based on high quality bitumen rubber, suitable for bonding: bituminous roofing, adhesives of EPS, PUR, PIR insulation panels and glass foams on metal, stony and concrete substrates, waterproofing of joints, seams andconnection for roof edges, chimneys, light domes and roof pavings. Sealing of leaks and carrying out (emergency) repairs on wet surfaces, fixing of lead lobes, counters, curbs against internal cavity sheet, adhesive strips on rising façades, product properties: directly workable (without heating), thixotrope, non-toxic, adhering to the most common substrates, also on wet surfaces, high insulating capacity, protection against rust.

TypeTixophalteMaterialBitumin/rubber composite
Product nameBitumin kitHeight330
Width50Colour familyBlack
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