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Q4 White
q4 white v8Q4 White is an adjustable shading agent for creating the optimal shading percentage. Because Q4 White is liquid it can be diluted to adjust the shading percentage to the needs of the crop. Q4 White has a very good weather resistance.
- Minimal wear off
- Adjustable shading percentage.
- Widely applicable.
- Machine or manual application.
- Easy to remove.

q3 white v7Q3 White
Q3 White is a medium weatherproof and adjustable screen product specifically designed for glass, plastic, polycarbonate and acrylic greenhouses. Depending on the dilution, Q3 White is average wear-resistant and easy to remove with Removit. For shading percentages above 65% we recommend Q3-Wite. For maximum weather resistance at shading percentages below 65%, we recommend Q4-White.
- Very cost effective product
- Good solution for limited periods of shading.
- Great lifetime in case of high shading percentages.
- Adjustable shading percentage
- Weather resistant

More information
For more about these or other shading agents, please contact your Royal  Brinkman area manager or contact Royal Brinkman International.