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Logo 2Grow2Grow is a Belgian start-up with the purpose to reduce the 20% of the earth's surface that is currently spent on plant production. By discovering how the plant really responds to all influences and being able to monitor this in real time, there are great opportunities for efficiency. We know almost everything about the environment around the plant, but we have no idea how the plant really reacts to it.

With the 2Grow sensor package this is a thing of the past. The plant sensors consist of a sap flow sensor on the one hand and a stem diameter-variation sensor on the other hand. The sensors measure the reaction of the plant to changes in the climate (irrigation, lighting, etc.) or to manipulations (pruning, harvesting, etc.). They can remain installed on the plant at the same location throughout the growing season.

Suitable for herbaceous (tomato, cucumber, bell pepper,...) or woody (grapevine,...) crops.


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