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Sap flow sensor 2Grow subscription 1 year

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Sap flow sensor 2Grow subscription 1 year

Item no. W00002448
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The 2Grow plant sensors consist of a sap flow sensor and a stem diameter variation sensor. The sensors measure the reaction of the plant to the actions carried out in the greenhouse (harvesting, screen, irrigation) or the changes in the climate (temperature, VD). They can be installed on the plant and remain there for a full growing season. Both herbaceous stems (tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, eggplant) and woody (grape) stems can be measured, both indoors and outdoors.


  • Instant information about the plant status;
  • Possibility to interpret whether the actions in the greenhouse cause the desired reaction to your plant or not (vegetative/generative); 
  • Building knowledge through analysis;
  • Data integration in climate computers or on other platforms (Letsgrow, Klimlink and Zensie) possible.

Instructions for use

  • The sensor contains a detailed installation guide and video;
  • 1 sensor per separately controlled compartment and per variety is recommended;
  • The sensors can also serve as an objective measurement basis for testing different irrigation-lighting techniques.

Tips & tricks

  • The price indicated includes subscription for the use of the sensors;
  • This year's subscription includes:
    • Quality data guarantee by 2Grow
    • Insurance  
    • Possibility of analysis by the experts of 2Grow
    • Direct access for all your questions and comments
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