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Brinkman Fe EDDHA (Librel Fe-HI) 7% 20kg

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Brinkman Fe EDDHA (Librel Fe-HI) 7% 20kg

Item no. 150212021
drum = 20 kg
box = 20 kg
pallet = 720 kg
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Brinkman Fe-EDDHA 7%
Brinkman Fe-EDDHA 7% is an iron chelate with 7% iron. It is a soluble iron microgranule (ethylene diamine) bis- (2-hydroxyphenyl acetate). The Brinkman Fe-EDDHA 7% has an Ortho-Ortho chelation of 2.8%, the remaining 4.2% consists of Ortho-Para and Para-Pata chelation.

The iron in this fertilizer is bound to an EDDHA chelate. This chelate is suitable for crops in which the pH is around or above 6.5. It is stable to a pH of over 10.

A plant uses iron for the process of photosynthesis, it ensures that the chlorophyll can be formed. It is also an important nutrient for the development of the growth point in the roots. Our specialist wrote an article about how iron chelates work.

Brinkman Fe-EDDHA 7% is a product of our supplier BASF. Click here for more products from BASF.

Dosages should always be incorporated into the upper few centimetres of the substrate as soon as possible after application. It is very important that the soil is broken up (ploughing, hoeing or irrigation), if the soil is densely compressed.

 Field crops 1 - 5 kg/ha
 Trees 25 - 100 gr/tree
 Shrubs 0.5 - 2.5 kg/100 shrubs
 Soft fruit 0.5 - 1.0 kg/100 plants

Brinkman Fe-EDDHA 7% can be applied in crops where the pH is around or above 6.5, because the Ortho-Ortho chelate keeps a stable pH above 10. A number of crops in which this can be the case are field crops, trees, shrubs and soft fruits. It is an ideal iron chelate to prevent iron deficiency.

The best way to add Brinkman EDDHA 7% to the soil is to dissolve it in a suitable amount of water (e.g. 10 grams per liter) and then apply it as a coarse low pressure spray. For trees and shrubs with deep roots the Brinkman EDDHA 7% solution can be applied to the root supply zone using a pressure injector.

Brinkman EDDHA 7% can also be applied by irrigation systems by periodically adding the equivalent of 1.0 kg per hectare in 10,000 liters of water. The frequency of addition depends on the degree of deficiency. For more information on iron deficiency in plants, please read the article how to prevent iron deficiency in plants.

Brinkman Fe-EDDHA 7% is only available in 20 kg buckets.

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