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BeMatic EasySpray

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BeMatic EasySpray

Item no. 941204383
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Bematic EasySpray  SW08

The BeMatic EasySpray is an entry-level sprayer, developed for markets where the use of (fully) automatic spraying equipment is not feasible, but where there is still a need for a good quality sprayer. For this model the investment is relatively small, yet you get a high quality product, with proven technology.

The EasySpray is a manually operated sprayer. Moving sideways is easy, as the cart is easy to lift with the hand lift. The EasySpray can be equipped with various types of surface-mounted reels and spray booms.

The use of spraying equipment is essential for protecting your crop from pests and diseases. By using our spraying equipment, you can prevent crop damage.


  • Easily liftable by means of hand lifter
  • Easy to operate, fast commissioning
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Flexible

Technical Specifications

Cart length (cm)150Engine power (kW)0.37
Cart width (cm)H.O.H + 14Weight (kg)178 kg. excl. hose and boom
Track width (cm)42-60Max. speed spraying trolley (m/min)70
Platform width (cm)42Traction battery (V/Ah)24/120 (5h), 24/159 (20h)
Min. platform hight (cm)20Operator pole height (cm)Variable from 195 to 250 cm
Max. platform hight (cm)230

Standaard for hoh 42,5 / tube 51mm, various options possible
used in combination with the SW08 hose reel + stainless steel boom 


Introduction video

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