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BeMatic Meto SW

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BeMatic Meto SW

Item no. 941204081
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The Meto spray robot, developed by Berg Hortimotive, is extremely suitable for automatically spraying of the crop, so you no longer have to drive between the crop yourself. By means of the control panel with touchscreen you can set the desired speed, distance and if necessary the necessary spraying spots. This way you spray the crop evenly and at the same time save labour, resources and therefore costs!

Functions of the Meto spray robot
The spray robot can drive forwards and backwards and has an even spray rate. It is important that there is a pipe rail system available in the greenhouse. Moreover, you can indicate to spray a certain part of the path. The spray robot is equipped with a double boom, which makes it easy to spray extra where needed. The Meto spray robot has a standard hose reel up to 130 meters ½" hose including hose guide. This means that you do not have to pull and drag the hose, which reduces wear and tear.

Advantages of the Meto spray robot

  • Excellent uniform spray quality;
  • Saving labour;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Suitable for intensive use.

Use and application of Meto spray robot
The Meto spray robot is used in many different crops: from roses, cucumbers and gerberas to carnations and even pot plants. Each crop has its own needs. This allows us to adapt a Meto spray robot to your wishes: heart to heart size, path length and height of the spray boom. A Meto spray robot in combination with a Meto transport trolley saves labour because it moves fully automatically to the next path.

Standard version Meto spray robot
The Meto spray robot is standard equipped with 2 electric valves, an electric hose reel at 24V to max.130 mtr, 1/2" hose + motor control and an automatic hose guide + pressure filter. Standard heart to heart size 42,5cm, tube 51mm with vulkolan drive and idler rollers.

The image shown is an example of a complete Meto spray trolley. To get a good idea of which options are possible for you, please contact your contact person.

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Technical specifications

MaterialStainless steelHeightSpray boom dependent
ColourStainless steelWidth (cm)c.t.c. + 16
Touchscreen-languagesEN,NL,DE,FR,ES,PL,RULength (cm)170
Hose length 1/2" (mtr)max. 200Motor power (kW)0,37
Weight (kg)335Battery (V/Ah)24/110 (5h), 24/159 (20h)
Max. speed (m/min)70Rail width (cm)42 - 80

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