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BeNomic EasyStar

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BeNomic EasyStar

Item no. 941828005
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The BeNomic EasyStar pipe rail trolley was developed for the care of the high wire crop and can reach a maximum height of 3.00 meters. The development of the BeNomic EasyStar was particularly focused on simplicity, user friendliness and applying only the basic functionalities.

This means that no unnecessary options are present and that the pipe rail trolley is easy to use by any employee. By means of the manual lift the trolley can easily be moved from path to path.The design of the trolley takes into account minimal dirt accumulation and the trolley is easy to clean. Thanks to the simple operating console the user knows exactly how the trolley operates and needs no further explanation.

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The BeNomic EasyStar pipe rail trolley

  • The BeNomic EasyStar is a basic model with an excellent price-quality ratio.
  • By means of the hand lift the BeNomic EasyStar is easy to operate.
  • Easy to use.


  • Simple and straightforward
  • Standard built-in battery charger
  • High overrun
  • Cruise control
  • Easy operation of manual lift 
  • Global service network

Technical specifications

Type2-scissorMin. Height (cm)61
Length194 cmPlatform height (cm)300
Widespoorbreedte + 16 cmPlatform Lenght190
Wheelbase (cm)156Max. load capacity (kg) 250
Max drivingspeed (m/min)63Voltage24
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