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Benomic EasyTrack

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Benomic EasyTrack

Item no. 941201954
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The Benomic EasyTrack has been introduced for all daily crop work in a greenhouse where no tubular rail system is present. The Benomic EasyTrack is a pneumatic vehicle with an electric steering wheel and air inflated tires. The EasyTrack is very easy to use, as well as on rough ground as on a concrete floor. Due to the controllable wheels and electric steering wheel it’s easy to move this vehicle thru the greenhouse.

No rail system needed
Also in greenhouses without a tubular wheel system there is a demand for electric-powered vehicles. The flange rollers have been replaced for air inflated tires which makes this vehicle easy to move.

Innovative electric steering
Pneumatic vehicles are sold as mechanically controlled vehicles. This is bad for your employees and reduces the efficiency of the business processes. The EasyTrack is, due to innovative solutions, electric controlled. This is better for your employees and the efficiency of the business processes.

Less maintenance
The vehicle is built with as less parts as possible. This will keep the maintenance to a minimum for you. The maintenance is easy and may be carried out under own responsibility.

Work platform
A working platform with a lot of space which can be secured at any height with a sophisticated click system. The fence is a fixed part of the platform which ensures the safety of you employees.

The EasyTrack has a detachable operating console. This console has clear, easy and trustable switches for the following functions:
• Drive forward
• Drive backwards
• Speed regulator
• Steer left
• Steer right
• Battery indicator

Skew position indicator
To improve the safety while working with this vehicle there is a possibility to place a Skew position indicator on this vehicle. This indicator will warn the user thru an acoustic signal when the vehicle becomes to skewed.

Engine control
The EasyTrack is equipped with an extremely reliable engine which enables you to selected various speed via a potentiometer, both forwards and backwards. The engine is provided by a powerful 24V electric motor with chain drive to the drive shaft. The maximum speed of this vehicle is 40m /min.

Transport benefits
The EasyTrack is delivered partially disassembled so that the vehicle can be transported in stacks. This saves on transportation cost. With simple tools you can assemble the vehicle at your location and it is ready to use.  

Technical specifitcations BasisTop 
Length of vehicle (cm)190190 
Width of vehicle (cm)7590 
Length of platform (cm)116 116 
Width of platform (cm) 44,544,5 
Min. height (cm)69 69 
Max. height(cm) 230280
Step height (cm) 4747 
Load capacity (kg) 120120 
Weight (kg) 275285
Max. speed (m/min) 0-40m/min0-40m/min 
Battery (traction)110Ah 110Ah 
Length stabilizerNoYes
Flat tire stabilizer NoYes 

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