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Benomic EasyTrack TOP

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Benomic EasyTrack TOP

Item no. 941201955
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No pipe rail required
There is also a need for electrically powered crop trailers on horticultural companies without pipe rail installation. Berg Hortimotive has adapted the successful EasyKit for this. The flange rollers have been replaced for stable pneumatic tires and the car has been made steerable.

Competitive price
By using existing designs and techniques, the car is competitively priced.

Innovative electric steering
The pneumatic tires as currently available on the market are mechanically controlled. This is stressful for your employees and reduces efficiency.
Berg provides the EasyTrack with innovative solutions that allow the car to be electrically controlled. This increases the working conditions for your employees and the efficiency of your business processes.

Less maintenance
The car is made up of as few parts as possible. This means that maintenance is kept to a minimum for you. Maintenance is simple and can be carried out in-house with the optional service packages. Or if desired, of course by one of our professional dealers.

Work platform
A generous workspace which can be fixed at any desired height via a sophisticated click system. The fencing is a fixed part of the platform so that safety is guaranteed for the employee.
The EasyTrack is extremely manageable, both on the ground and on the concrete path. Moving the car is easy with the steerable pneumatic tire wheels

Technische specificaties 

Car length (cm)     190
Width car (cm)  90
Total height of car (cm) 413
Platform length (cm) 116
Platform width (cm)  44,5
Min. plateau height (cm)69
Max. plateau height (cm)   280
Step height (cm)  47
Load capacity (kg) 120
Weight (kg)285
Max. speed (m / min) 0-40m/min
Batteries (traction) 110Ah
Length stabilizer Yes
Flat tires stabilizer Yes

The EasyTrack is equipped with a removable control console. The console has simple clear, reliable switches for the following functions;

  • Driving forwards
  • Reverse
  • Speed control
  • Send links
  • Send right
  • Battery indication meter

Skew indicator
To increase safety when working with this vehicle, the vehicle is equipped with an inclined position indicator (optional). This will warn the user by means of an acoustic signal when the car is too crooked.

Motor control / Drive
The EasyTrack is equipped with an extremely reliable motor control that allows you to choose a variable speed via a potentiometer, both forwards and backwards. The drive is provided by a powerful 24V electric motor with chain drive to the drive shaft. The maximum speed of the car is 40 m / min.

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