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Meto Transport wagon

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Meto Transport wagon

Item no. 941205355
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The Meto Transport trolley is intended for moving the Meto spraying robot from path to path. When using the Meto Transport trolley in combination with the Meto Spraying robot, it is no longer necessary to be present in the greenhouse during spraying. This means that spraying the crop can take place fully automatically.


  • Improved working conditions
  • Labour cost saving
  • Fully automatic spraying
  • It is no longer necessary to be present during spraying.
  • Meto Transport Trolley stops when pressure drops.

Use and application

 The operation of the computer-controlled Meto Transport trolley is very simple. The touch screen, which is the same as that of the Meto spraying trolley, is compact and clear. By means of dialog programming, the various settings can be entered according to the user's wishes. For example, it is possible to skip a "non-sprayable path". 
The Meto Transport trolley drives over the middle path and moves the Meto spraying trolley from path to path. The Meto transport trolley has a guide that guides the trolley over the middle path.  

A hose reel is mounted on the Meto transport trolley which can be connected to the high pressure line or tank spraying trolley. The hose will automatically roll up or down with the Meto Transport trolley during transport. 
The transport trolley can be equipped with a malfunction detector or SMS detector if required. The fault detector can be connected to your alarm or pager. The SMS detector sends you an SMS message in case of a malfunction. In this way you will still receive a notification of an unexpected failure when you are absent. This option gives you peace of mind that everything in the garden is still in good order. 
With the investment of the Meto Transportwagen you will save many man-hours per year and it will take the unpleasant work off your hands. 
It is certainly not out of the question that manned spraying will be forbidden, to protect your staff. 

 A link with your disease and plague registration in the computer is one of the possibilities.

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Technical characteristics

MaterialsteelHeight225 cm
Colourblue/orangeWidth140 cm
Treatmentpowder coatingLength180 cm
Weight450 kgCapacity0.37 Kw

Other options

  • Error message  indicator in combination with pager or SMS detector.
  • Guidance at the head of the pipe rail system or guidance via trench in concrete path.
  • Wide hose reel barrel, for long hose ½’, >100 mtr.
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