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2C Perma Coat Gloss 1 L

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2C Perma Coat Gloss 1 L

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2C Perma Coat is a transparent 2 component coating based on 2 a component-polysiloxan-epoxy monolayer breeding nano technology. Objects treated with 2C Perma Coat are easy to clean, retain their glance and are long lasting protected against weather influences by a UV filter.

2C Perma Coat seals in one treatment. 2C Perma Coat is used for the coating of surfaces which have been subjected to contamination and / or discolouration down the years. It contains a high concentration of nano particles for optimal protection. Dirt cannot adhere to the surface and is easily removed with water.

- Long-term protection from the weather (10 years)
- Dirt cannot adhere to the surface and is easily removed with water
- Less maintenance and cleaning
- Maintaining long lasting shine
- Simple application

- Aluminium siding
- Powder coated surfaces
- Steel surfaces
- Trespa siding

Main features:
- Treated parts are very well protected against the adhesion of dirt
- UV filter prevents discoloration
- Discoloured parts get in most cases their original colour back
- Product is silicone free
- The applied nano layer gives a very long-lasting protection against pollution

Processing advice:
To remove any deposits and / or fats we recommend the following steps:

- Shake Cleaner before use
- Apply by spraying
- Clean with a soft cloth, sponge or brush. If necessary, rinse with water and for large surfaces dry with a wiper

After drying apply the2C Perma Coat, preferably sprayed with a XVLP syringe in a wet film thickness of approximately 20 to 25 mu.


Mixing ratio
Base: hardener = 3:1 (e.g. 30 parts volumes of base + 10 parts volumes of hardener)
Merging basic ingredient + hardener, mix well and let stand approximately 20 minutes.
- Apply by brush, roller or spray gun. Dilute up to 5% with butanol
- The temperature of the mixture of the base component and hardener should preferably be above 15oC. At lower temperatures dilution should be added in order to obtain the proper application viscosity
- Too much dilution results in an increased risk of sag resistance and delays curing
- After mixing the components add dilution

Processing times:
Induction time : approximately 20 minutes
Processing time at 20°C : 5 hour
Dust dry at 15°C - 18°C : 90 minutes
By Dried : 6 hour
Full cured : 48 hour
Recommended roller: polyester foam paint roller
XVLP spray equipment:
Dilution : 0-5 vol.% butanol
Nozzle : stand 5
Air volume : 50 tot 70%
Cleaning tool : butanol

Colour and Glaze:
- Transparent
- Dries colourless
- Visible

Jerrycans of 1 litre, 5 litres and 10 litres.

Theoretical efficiency: 50-75 m2
The indicated consumption is an approximate value. Depending on the nature of the subsurface and the processing may differ. Exact values can be determined by means of plots only per project.

Application- conditions
During the application of the NC 2k Clear Coat, the humidity should not exceed 85% and the temperature of the surface to be treated should at least 3oC above the dew point

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