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Colour Protector Coat 1 L

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Colour Protector Coat 1 L

Item no. 370012431
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Colour Protector Coat is a protective coating based on nanotechnology which is very suitable to use and seal new cars and rubber boats. Colour Protector Coat is silicone free and is based on a petroleum system with water and sun protective properties. Once the surface is treated by Colour Protector Coat it will offer a 2-3 year protective effect to the surface.

Colour Protector Coat seals protects and is applied in one treatment. Colour Protector Coat is used for coat car paints and ribs which are in relative good condition. It contains a high concentration of nanoparticles for optimal protection. Dirt no longer adheres to the surface and is easy to remove with water in combination with Conditioner.

- Protects against aging, yellowing and chalking - Dirt no longer adheres to the surface and is easy to remove - Less maintenance and cleaning - Easy application

- Car paints
- Rubber boats

Main features
- Treated parts are well protected against the adhesion of dirt
- UV filter prevents discolouration
- Perfect protection for plastics, window rubbers, aluminium, chrome and lacquer
- Product is silicone free
- The applied nano layer provides a very long lasting protection against pollution

Processing advice
To remove any deposits and/or fats, we recommend to follow the following steps:

- Shake Cleaner before use
- Apply by spraying
- Clean with a soft cloth, sponge or brush. If necessary, rinse with water and dry by pulling large areas with wiper

- After drying, apply Colour Protector Coat preferably with a soft cotton cloth or sponge. Bring a little of the product to the cloth or sponge and wipe the handle part with circular motion.
- Surface to dry approximately 3-5 minutes
- After drying, the surface can be wiped off if desired with a cotton cloth or light structure micro fibre cloth.

Colour and Shine
- Milky
- Dries colourless (no cover)
- Invisible

Retail packing: 100ML
- Bottle of 1 litre
- Jerry cans of 5 litres and 10 litres

On a smooth surface consumption is about 100 ml per 16 square meter (one layer)*
*This indicated consumption is a reference value. Depending on the nature of the surface and the processing it may vary. Exact values can only by determined per project through plots.
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