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Multi Coat 1 L

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Multi Coat 1 L

Item no. 370012407
box = 12 piece(s)
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Multi-Coat is a nanotechnology based coating which is designed to seal and protect non-porous, hard surfaces from dirt and water. After treatment the surface is water and dirt repellent, stain-free and corrosion will be reduced.

- Water and oil resistant
- Against fading
- Non-stick
- Fingerprint proof
- Acid-resistant

- Glasal, Resopal
- Werzalit
- Stainless steel
- Steel
- Aluminium
- Polyurethane resin
- Polyester

Multi-coat can be applied with brush, rolled or sprayed. For indoor applications we recommend to apply by roller or brush. It is advisable to ventilate during application properly.

Colour and Shine
- Transparent
- Dries colourless (no cover)
- Invisible

- Bottle of 0,25 and 1 litre
- Jerry cans of 5 litres and 10 litres

Theoretical yield: 32-48m2 per liter
*This indicated consumption is a reference value. Depending on the nature of the surface and the processing it may vary. Exact values can only by determined per project through plots.

Processing advice

For best results we recommend to follow the following steps:

- Shake Cleaner before use
- Apply by spraying
- Clean with a soft cloth, sponge or brush. If necessary, rinse with water and dry by pulling large areas with wiper


- After drying, apply Multi-Coat preferably with a foam or mohair roller (for larger areas mohair is more practical because of the fact that more material can absorb)
- Surface to dry approximately 45 minutes
- After drying, the surface can be wiped off if desired with a cotton cloth

Cleaning advice
Surfaces treated with Multi-Coat are best cleaned with a soft sponge and a mild cleanser that does not use abrasives, acids and / or biocides are added. For a streak-free finish this cleaner can best be diluted with osmosis (calcium-free) water..

During the testing of our products, we have the area after applying the grease cleaned with Conditioner.
This shampoo is intended for the weekly / monthly or cleaning the surfaces. This shampoo is suitable for the maintenance and cleaning of your treated surfaces.

Consumption Conditioner
Fill a bucket with 5 litres of water, and add 2 to 3 cups of Shampoo. Allows you to clean the surface. The cleaned surface is thus again hydrophobic.

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