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Chrysal Grow 20 (2*200) 200 ltr

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Chrysal Grow 20 (2*200) 200 ltr

Item no. 150406360
liter = 0,005 barrel
pallet = 2 barrel
barrel = 200 liter
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Chrysal Grow 20 is a new generation pretreatment products that hydratates flowers. Grow 20 is mainly suited for roses and Astilbe. Chrysal Grow products work better and are free of aluminumsulphate. For different flower varieties Chrysal Grow is obligated when delivering to the auction.


  • Increases the vase life versus water with 20%
  • Free of Aluminumsulphate
  • Softer for the leaves
  • Resolves clearly in water
  • Does not constipate pipes or dosing pumps
  • Contains a tracer 
  • Concentrated formula 1ml/l

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