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Chrysal RVB Clear Intensive 200 ltr [barrel]

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Chrysal RVB Clear Intensive 200 ltr [barrel]

Item no. 150406279
100 liters = 100 liter
pallet = 4 barrel
barrel = 200 liter
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Chrysal RVB Clear Intensive is a clear universal hydrating treatment especially for roses, Chrysanthemum and a wide range of flowers. Chrysal RVB Clear Intensive stimulates the water uptake, thus preventing bent-neck, and improving the flower development and leaf quality. It balances the pH of all water types. The new dosing of 1ml per litre of water requires less storage and reduces the packaging waste for the users. It is recommended for use by nurseries and for supplying auctions.

• Free of Aluminium Sulphate, therefore less risk of leaf scorching and leaf drop – enabling a longer storage period in the solution.
• Stimulates water uptake thus preventing 'bent neck', a common problem with roses.
• Lowers the pH of the water.
• Maintains the quality of flowers and prolongs the vase life.
• Dissolves clearly and odourless in water , not leaving any sediment in the bucket or lime scale in the dosing system.
• Reduces packaging waste for the users.

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