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Machine protector 5L can

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Machine protector 5L can

Item no. 836400521
piece(s) = 5 liter
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Water softener 5 liter can

Especially developed fluid water softener for addition by means of injection or other dosing systems. By adding this softener, the attachment of floating lime and iron chloride particles on e.g. heating coils in steam cleaners and high pressure equipment is prevented. Application of this water softener lengthens the lifespan and significantly increases the efficiency of this equipment.


In general, a dose of about 5ppm will produce very good results. Of course, such a dose is strongly dependent on the quality and the hardness of the water used. It is recommended to determine the right dose in practice.

  • The material must be stored frost-free.
  • If undiluted, the agent may cause irritation to the eyes.
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