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Dosatron D9GL5 + Bypass VF 1 - 5 %

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Dosatron D9GL5 + Bypass VF 1 - 5 %

Item no. 941201204
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Dosatron D9GL5

Dosatron is a water driven dosing pump.

The Dosatron, linked to the water net, uses the water pressure as the only driving force for the motor sucker. This actuates a piston, that sucks up the concentrate in the configured percentage and subsequently mixes it with the driving water. The solution obtained is then distributed across the piping. The injected amount of concentrate is always proportional to the quantity of water going through the Dosatron, even if fluctuations in water pressure or changes in the through-flow occur.

  • Infinitely adjustable from outside
  • Proportional dosing, so always the configured percentage, regardless the through-flow or pressure.
  • Injection: D3RE5 is adjustable of 1 - 5%
  • 500 to 9000 L/h
  • Easier maintenance: 35 parts instead of 96 parts, entirely without metal and more easily replaceable.
  • Standard with integrated switch for decommissioning.
  • Only available in green.
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