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Drygair DRG-154G 45L/H L side cover L2,41 x B1,00 x H2,38 m.

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Drygair DRG-154G 45L/H L side cover L2,41 x B1,00 x H2,38 m.

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Drygair dehumidification in greenhouse and cell

The humidity in the greenhouse is often too high due to evaporation of crops. A classic solution for this is to open the windows by letting cold air in. The downside of this is that the heater has to keep the temperature up and in the end it costs a lot of energy and money. The solution for this is Drygair units. With Drygair units, the air in the greenhouse can be dehumidified efficiently and easily. This makes the humidity and temperature more stable.

The unit is a combination of a dehumidifier and a heater. The electrical energy used and the heat released are both returned to the greenhouse. The condensed moisture is removed or can even be used as process water.

Benefits Drygair

  • Stable air humidity and temperature
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Prevention of illnesses and diseases and pollution.
  • Fewer plant protection products needed
  • Healthier crops due to better climate and fewer diseases

The Drygair is available in a large and small version. The product specifications by type are shown below. Instead of the standard roof, the DryGair can be fitted with a single-sided discharge roof.

Big Small
Dehumidification 45 liter per hour 24 liter per hour
Electra 10 kW,  400 V,  50 Hz,  32 Amp 6 kW,  400 V,  50 Hz,  46\4 Amp
Dimensions 250 x 112 x 262 cm 250 x 112 x 230 cm
Weight 775 kg 550 kg
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