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Hortifix (1125) 25 kg

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Hortifix (1125) 25 kg

Item no. 370014554
100kg = 100 kg
pallet = 1125 kg
pallet = 45 bag
bag = 25 kg
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Hortifix is a shading agent which protects the crop from high light intensities. Hortifix is easy to apply and creates a smooth protective layer on the glass or plastic. This results in a uniform shading layer for the crop. Hortifix is a 100% natural and can be applied to glass and plastic. During the season Hortifix wears off because of the high light intensity from the sun. At the end of the season Hortifix can be removed manually with water and brush or by natural wear off through rainfall.

While stirring, gradually add clean cold water. Preferably mechanical stirring at high speed for 5 minutes. Before spraying the solution let it rest for 2-3 minutes. During the spraying, continuously stir the solution and apply on a clean / dry surface.

Depending on the desired lifetime, 8-12 bags per hectare should be used. Hortifix can be mixed with Shadefix or Whitefix for heavier protection and/ or a longer lifespan.

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