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Spuitfix (625) 25kg

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Spuitfix (625) 25kg

Item no. 370014405
pallet = 625 kg
pallet = 25 bag
bag = 25 kg
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Spuitfix is a powder shading agent without glue, which makes it ideal for a short period of shading. Spuitfix gives an even protection and can easily be washed off the roof of the greenhouse (due to rain or by means rooftop sprinklers).

Advantages Spuitfix

  • All chromium and boron free
  • Easily soluble in cold water without lumping
  • Have a high degree of whiteness, ensuring a better reflection of light 

Usage Spuitfix

Spuitfix is a powder shading agent, which is perfectly suitable for a short period of shading. 

Dosage Spuitfix

Dosage per hectare Shading in % Life span
 250 kg 70-80% 3-4 months

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