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Temperzon T74 15 L (495ltr)

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Temperzon T74 15 L (495ltr)

Item no. 370014318
bucket = 15 liter
pallet = 33 bucket
pallet = 495 liter
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Temperzon T-74: world’s first liquid shading agent
In 1974 Hermadix introduced Temperzon T-74: a pioneer in the shading agent market. Temperzon T-74 was the world’s first liquid shading agent available for horticultural use. Even though it has been developed in the 1970’s its key attributes are still valid nowadays. These key attributes are its extreme weatherproof characteristics and the fact that the shading layer will turn transparent when wet. Temperzon T-74 can be applied on greenhouses and tunnels made of glass, polycarbonate, plastic foil and acrylate.

Extremely weatherproof
Temperzon T-74 hardly wears off due to the elements of weather. Only aging and extreme weather conditions like hail and excessively intense rain will deteriorate the shading layer. This characteristic makes this shading agent highly suitable when above average long term shading is desired. Because of its extreme weatherproof characteristic applying a second shading layer of Temperzon T-74 is not advisable because it will assumedly have a too long lifespan. When possibly applying a second shading layer we therefore recommend using a powder shading agent.

Transparent when wet
When it rains the sky is covered with clouds blocking precious (sun)light your crop needs for its growth. This is why the white shading layer turns transparent when wet; to let in as much of the diminished amount of light which is available during rainy conditions. When the rain filled clouds have passed the shading layer will dry up white, blocking excessive sunlight and heat radiation in order to protect your crop once again.

Shading percentage
Obtaining the ideal shading conditions for your crop is simply a matter of diluting the right amount of buckets Temperzon T-74 in accordance to the shading percentages shown in the table below.


Lifespan is measured in average European weather conditions.
Extreme weather conditions may slightly affect the values specified in the table.

At the end of the season, Temperzon T-74 can be removed by brushing mechanically or manually or you can choose to let it wear off by elements of weather.

Environment and storage
Temperzon T-74 contains no environmentally harmful ingredients and meets the Dutch Decree on protection against waste. Temperzon T-74 should be stored frost free.

More information
For more information on these or other horticultural products please contact your local Royal Brinkman area manager or contact Royal Brinkman International: +31 174 446 100. More information is also available on our website: www.royalbrinkman.com

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