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X-plore filterunit 8500

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X-plore filterunit 8500

Item no. 391001770
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X-Plore 8500 filterunit

Demanding conditions in the workplace demand reliable solutions. The Dräger X-plore® 8500 offers, thanks to a completely new dimension of intuitive operation and intelligent electronics, exactly the high level of safety your employees need in order to be able to concentrate fully on the task at hand.

Robust: Designed for everyday use in rugged environments
The X-plore 8500 combines a heavy-duty design with rubber protections and a high degree of protection (IP 65) against ingress of dust and water jets from any direction. Two battery versions based on the latest Li-ion battery technology deliver power for at least 4 or 8 hours, respectively. Protected air intake openings prevent sparks or water from being sucked directly into the filter.

Comfortable: Optimal working concentration for the wearer
Thanks to the X-plore 8500, your staff can concentrate fully and optimally protected on their work. The advanced carrying system ensures optimal weight distribution. This system forms a tight and secure connection between the belt strap and the blower filter via a special adapter plate; a comfort pad is also available as an option. The hose connection is equipped with a 360° click adapter. The X-plore 8500 guarantees optimum airflow and maximum comfort without annoying eye irritation.

Safe: Intuitive operation minimizes operating errors
The unit recognises the connected main equipment, automatically selects the correct minimum air supply and prevents leakage due to insufficient air capacity. An optical sensor prevents operation without a filter and continuously supports the correct saturation display of the particle filter. A quick-change system makes it easy to change the filter. In addition to an optical and acoustic alarm, the unit also has a vibration alarm. The complete system has a uniform colour coding on all exchangeable components and an exchangeable hose connection.

Easy to maintain: Easy to clean and safe to operate
The X-plore 8500 is designed virtually maintenance-free, keeping the cost of ownership low. The advanced temperature and pressure sensor technology of the automatic self-monitoring and self-adjusting system ensures proper air delivery in any environment. The simple and efficient charging system provides fast charging times (less than 4 hours for a flat battery). The unit is quick and easy to disassemble for cleaning.

Modular: A wide range of components for every application
The X-plore 8500 offers a wide choice of user-friendly standard and special carrier systems for both standard and decontamination applications. Fully compatible standard and folding hoses with increased flexibility are also available. Components and accessories can be optimally combined for any application and a system upgrade is possible at all times

Required equipment for this product:

  • X-Plore 8000 hose (standard)
  • X-Plore 8000 battery or X-Plore 8000 battery (Long Life)
  • X-Plore 8000 battery charger
  • X-Plore 8000 belt strap
  • X-Plore 8000 filter A2 P R SL

Optional to store the unit safely:

  • X-Plore 8500 case for filter unit

If you don't have a mask:

  • X-Plore 6300 full face mask
  • X-Plore 6570 Full Face Mask Silicone 
  • X-Plore 4740 half mask (M/L)

Technische specifications

ApprovalsEN 12941, EN 12942
Degree of protectionIP65 (dustproof and resistant to water jets from all directions)
Air capacityAdjustable on three levels
Battery technologyLithium-ion 12.6 V / 3.4 Ah
Operating time4 h (at 210 l / min and P3 filter)
Weightapprox. 1340 grams (incl. battery and protective cover)
Alarm systemenOptical alarm, acoustic alarm and vibration alarm
Belt strap lengthAdjustable between 750 - 1400 mm
For each crop protection chemical or biocide product the user must comply with the local legal conditions and regulations. Use crop protection products and Biocides safely. Always read the label and the safety data sheet.

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